Me going to school right now


Please. I don`t want to…

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  • P!@td: Anxiety at the dance party.
  • 30stm: Half a minute to our neighbouring planet.
  • 5sos: It was a really short heat wave.
  • Atl: never been this blue before.
  • Blink: I liquidate my eyes a hundred and eighty-two times.
  • Ptv: Poke a hole through the the brides head gear.
  • Fob: I pushed a boy out the windows, gravity did it's job.
  • Om&m: The band not the book about a retard and his best friend wanting a stupid farm.
  • Green day: Blue + yellow 24 hours.
  • My chem rome: This molecular affection belongs to me.
  • Sws: Entering dreamland despite the noise in the background.
  • Bvb: #00000 headdress for multiple woman undergoing matrimony.
  • Underoath: Beneath a strong promise.
  • Etf: Dodging the undodgeable.
  • Aild: Whilst my life drains from me.
  • Fftl: Starting with alpha ending with omega.
  • Mmf: The american city is allowed to burn.
  • Bfmv: Keeping a killing instrument for the one I love.
  • Adtr: 24 hours worth reminiscing about.
  • Asking Alexandria: I don't know bro you should probably ask her.
  • Ym@s: We, in about two hours.
  • Fir: Rewinding a downwards motion.
  • Bmth: Pass me the edge of the world.
  • I spent a lot of time on this, please don't steal it.
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  • Me: *sees picture of band member*
  • Me: omfg agdiskjipszmhd he's so hot! STAHP!
  • Me: that's it! I'm fucking done.
  • Me: *tries to find more pictures*
  • do you get the struggle I'm going through?
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letlive.- Banshee (Ghost Fame)

letlive.- Banshee (Ghost Fame)

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@jackalltimelow: @tayjardine​ can’t handle her liquor.

@jackalltimelow: @tayjardine​ can’t handle her liquor.

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